Frequently discussed topics and questions

Is it rigged?

Short answer; no.
If you are new to BOTB then you may wonder if the competition is legit.
There is nothing that should indicate that there is any foul play. When you watch a judging video you will see that they use a third party law firm to guarantee the judging process and the handling of results. It there were shady dealings going on there would have to be multiple businesses involved.

Moreover, BOTB is a publicly traded company. That means that they are also subject to scrutiny from outside auditors and have to answer to their investors.
And finally, using common sense - why would they risk a business with 20 employees that have been running since 1999? There is simply no motivation nor gain to be had for anyone involved by risking it.
The unfounded videos or comments you will encounter about this topic is usually from dissatisfied players that don't understand the judging results and conclude there must be something shady going on.